Kayak/Sup Board Storage Locker

The district built a kayak/sup board storage locker at the bottom of the access road by the lake. A lottery was held at the January 15, 2018, HOA meeting and 18 names were drawn for each of the spots. The term for the rental is one year starting on February 1. The remainder of the names from the drawing were added to the waitlist found below.

Each year a lottery will be held for those Lake Pointe residents who wish to participate and want a storage rental for the next year. Residents who rent a spot are not eligible to win a spot in the next year, but can/will be placed on the waitlist after all new submissions are added. If someone that is waitlisted receives a spot with less than 6 months left in the year, they may take part in the lottery the next year.

Here is the waitlist.

1. Govett, Ed
2. McManus, Ryan
3. Bialek, Cindy
4. DuPre, Colin
5. Smith, Morgan
6. Griswold, Taylor & Amy
7. Benoit, Christi
8. Souery, Michael
9. Knuff, Steven
10. Pritchett, Sean & Dawn
11. Jacobi, Chad
12. Sutlif, Graham
13. Oubre, Phillip
14. Pate, Brad
15. Heaton, Jeff
16. Chang, Kuo-Lih
17. Olgedinger, Christina
18. Bigham, Scott
19. Rhodeb, Corey
20. Finnegan, Dan